Easy Vegan Meals for One

Eating plant-based solo and looking for easy vegan recipes to feed yourself well? Need a break from take out, frozen meals, or a can of soup? Check out these easy vegan meals for one: not only simple, but satisfying, and nutrient-dense, and full of flavor.


spicy ramen with tofu and greens, one of the best vegan meals for one

Nothing says comfort food like ramen! This is one of my favorite everyday vegan meals for one (usually for lunch, even brunch) when I am working from home during the week.

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients:

  • fresh herbs
  • sriracha

Simply follow the ramen directions to cook the noodles and broth (I omit the oil since I find it’s tasty without it, you’re call). While they cook, saute veggies in a pan with 1/4 cup water. When the noodles/broth are ready, combine them with the veggies in the pan, add in tofu of choice and top with fresh herbs and/or sriracha.

This prep feels more elevated than just eating out of the paper cup and it’s a scrumptious way to pack in the veggies;). Definitely one of my go-to vegan meals for one.


yuba noodle salad
yuba noodle salad

For a tasty, unique spin on a salad, try yuba noodles! These delicate noodles made of tofu skins are high in protein, low in carbs, and totally hit the noodle craving.

Yuba noodles come ready to eat…simply mix with a few ingredients and lunch (or dinner) is served!

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients (chopped or shredded):

  • other veggies like peas, jalapeños, avocado, carrots, and radishes
  • fresh herbs like cilantro or mint
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • sriracha (if you want more spice)

Get Creative with HOT SANDWICHES

Italian-inspired panini sandwich, vegan kid-friendly
Italian panini sandwich with plant-based sausage, sauteed kale, marinara, and shredded vegan mozzarella
souped-up grilled cheese
Adult grilled cheese with carmelized onions, tomatoes, and sauteed kale

Whether you have a panini press or just a skillet, the creativity for plant-based sandwiches is endless. From souped-up grilled cheese and Italian sausage pressed delights to vegan reubens and chick’n parm English muffins, it seems we never repeat a sandwich…and every time it is undoubtedly a delicious mess!

You can find the best plant-based cheeses by category here. And a quick melting note: we find that to ensure maximum meltability, it is helpful to either put the cheese right on the skillet to warm/melt, and then scoop it onto the bread. Or else, add a few teaspoons of water into the skillet with the sandwiches and cover to almost steam the cheese to melt. Both work like a charm!

Here are a few vegan sandwich ideas and ingredients:

Grilled Cheese

  • cheese of choice (or combo)
  • sandwich bread
  • vegan butter
  • veggies of choice (like caramelized onions, greens, tomatoes, peppers, or pickles)

Hot Italian

  • vegan sausage
  • vegan mozzarella
  • tomato sauce
  • greens (optional)
  • bread of choice
  • vegan butter

Vegan Reuben

  • white cheese
  • vegan meat substitute of choice (like seitan or deli meat or tempeh bacon)
  • sauerkraut
  • vegan Thousand Island (or I simply mix vegan mayo and sriracha for a quick one)
  • rye sandwich bread
  • vegan butter

Chick’n Parm

This sandwich is easiest baked in oven.

  • cooked vegan breaded chick’n of choice (nuggets or patties work)
  • vegan mozzarella
  • tomato sauce
  • bread of choice (like English muffins or hoagies)


spicy rice salad, Trader Joe's salad recipes & ideas

This Asian-inspired Spicy Rice Salad is oh so addicting, with the perfect balance of textures and heat. Click here for more Trader Joe’s-specific ingredient details if you shop there!

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients (chopped or shredded):

  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • raw beets


hearty pasta, easy vegan meals for one

Healthy and hearty, this dish has so many variations. Simple warm the veggies and beans in your favorite sauce while the pasta is cooking. It is especially one of those easy vegan meals for beginners as you can throw in whatever you like!

Base ingredients:

  • pasta of choice
  • tomato sauce of choice
  • veggies of choice (like mushrooms, carrots, kale, spinach)
  • beans of choice (like white beans or lentils)
  • vegan parmesan


Mexican Cobb salad, one of the easy vegan meals for one

THIS is the salad I crave more than any other: creamy, spicy, light. Vegan Mexican Cobb Salad is essentially taco salad ingredients with a ranch-like dressing. Talk about easy vegan meals for one…

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients (chopped or shredded):

  • radishes
  • bell peppers
  • hemp seeds/hearts
  • plant-based chicken, cooked and cut into bite-sized pieces

Veggie & Grain Bowl: easy vegan meals for one

souped-up multigrain blend

This creation is versatile and nutrient-dense! Simply mix together quick cooking grains with steamed veggies and top with your favorite sauce.

Base ingredients:

VEGAN TACO SALAD: easy vegan meals for one

taco salad

Few dishes are more satisfying than a taco salad: fresh, crunchy, sweet, spicy, creamy. Whether you bowl looks neat or messy, it invariably hits the spot.

For a simple and irresistible taco salad dressing, try this 2-ingredient recipe: mix your favorite salsa & plain plant-based yogurt together. Depending on the salsa varietal and your spice tolerance, it is usually about 1:1 proportions.

Base ingredients:

  • romaine or greens of choice
  • black beans
  • corn (frozen or canned)
  • fresh tomatoes
  • avocado
  • tortilla chips, crushed
  • salsa of choice
  • plain cashew yogurt

Optional ingredients:

  • radishes
  • bell peppers
  • fresh cilantro
  • prepared taco meat substitute


A bowl of vegan shakshuka with crusty bread.

Have you heard of this delicious Middle Eastern dish? It starts with a spicy and chunky tomato sauce, using unique spices like cumin, coriander, cayenne, and caraway seeds and vegetables like peppers, onions, and garlic. Traditionally, it is topped with poached eggs. In my semi-homemade vegan version, I swap the eggs for chickpeas and additional veggies on hand.

If you like unique spices and tomato sauce you need to try this one!

Base ingredients:

  • premade shakshuka sauce (like Trader Joe’s Spicy Chunky Tomato Sauce or their frozen Shakshuka sauce)
  • veggies of choice (like bell peppers, mushrooms, or greens)
  • protein of choice (like chickpeas or vegan eggs)
  • fresh bread or bagel for dipping


easy vegan meals for one: kale caesar

Did you know that vegan Caesar dressing can be JUST as flavor-packed as the original? This was one of my most exciting discoveries when I went plant-based. Homemade vegan Caesar dressings are definitely worth your time, but there is at least one store bought Caesar that is also worth the skip…Trader Joe’s!

Base ingredients:

  • kale or greens of choice
  • vegan caesar dressing (store bought like Trader Joe’s or homemade)

Optional ingredients:

This is one of the quickest easy vegan meals for one.

Vegan California Rolls

Vegan California Rolls 2 Ways

Craving sushi?! Try my Vegan California Rolls! I offer two preparations: the first utilizes the creamy texture of baked tofu with a touch of sriracha spice. The second version is tender and flaky, utilizing hearts of palm with a touch of horseradish (a traditional seafood condiment.)

And despite what you may think, this vegan sushi is actually a fairly quick and easy prep! The filling takes about 10 minutes to make….and another two minutes to roll and cut, and voila! Vegan sushi for one!

Each recipe makes about 3 rolls, so you may even have some leftovers! And unlike fish, these leftovers keep (just hold the avocado until you are ready to enjoy).

Get my recipes here. Enjoy with a simple green salad for a perfect meal.

Semi-Homemade Veggie Dumpling Soup

Semi-Homemade Veggie Dumpling Soup, easy vegan meals for one

Craving cozy comfort food? Try my super simple ONE POT Semi-Homemade Veggie Dumpling Soup!

It’s ALMOST too simple to even be a recipe. But after trying to explain my method to an interested friend, I realized it I had a few hacks that would be beneficial to write it down and share.

For a solo meal, I would cut the recipe in half…you will likely have leftovers, too.

Plant-Based Pasta Salad

pasta salad : Trader Joe's salad recipes
pasta salad with veggies and beans
pasta salad, easy vegan meals for one
pasta salad with greens, veggies, & plant-based sausage, topped with vegan parm

I used to think of pasta salads as a side dish…until I lived through my first summer as a vegan. And then I learned that pasta salad is one of the most versatile salad meal ideas for adults and kids alike!

This is an easy dish to make for one person, just cook the amount of pasta you want and eyeball the other ingredients too. It also keeps well so leftovers are awesome (sometimes better).

Base ingredients:

  • pasta (I look for the most colorful one on the shelf)
  • fresh veggies like tomatoes, green beans, carrots, celery, kale, arugula, radish, or peppers
  • beans like red beans, white beans, or chickpeas
  • dressing options: vinaigrette of choice, green goddess, store bought tahini dressing, or homemade delectable tahini dressing or Tangy Herb Sauce

Optional ingredients:


rainbow salad
Rainbow Salad with kale, farro, veggies, & sriracha tofu
rainbow salad with tahini dressing
Rainbow Salad includes sweet potatoes, chickpeas, & avocado with tahini dressing

Sometimes, I use color as inspiration to create hearty vegan salads. First, I aim for about 5 veggies. Then, 1-2 proteins and 1-2 healthy carbs.


  • kale or greens of choice
  • veggies like crispy roasted beets or shaved raw beets, radishes, cabbage, bell peppers, and tomatoes
  • proteins like Sriracha Tofu, chickpeas, or red beans
  • healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, barley, farro, or quinoa (I try to have at least one cooked in my fridge at all times)
  • dressing options: vinaigrette of choice, green goddess, store bought tahini dressing, or homemade delectable tahini dressing

I hope these lazy vegan recipes gave you some new inspiration! Please, let me know what you think or share your favorite easy vegan meals for one in comments below.

Finally, for more plant-based meal ideas, check out:



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