1:1 Plant-Based Coaching

Aiming to eat more plant-based meals and looking for some support? I would love to help make it easier and less daunting…even fun!

Jenn holding a pizza topped with arugula.

I am here to support you wherever you are on your journey…whether you’re aiming to start with one plant-based meal per week, cut out a specific food (e.g. dairy, beef, oil), support the needs of one family member, eliminate animal products all together, or anything in between.

Examples of Plant-Based Coaching Support

Everyone has different goals…and different challenges! So instead of a generic plan, my approach is to work together to meet your specific objectives with a variety of services and resources as applicable. Examples include:

  • Recipe ideas based on your preferences/parameters
  • Plant-based alternatives and substitutions
  • Pantry staples cheat sheet
  • Family-friendly meals/adaptations
    • Whether you’re bringing your family along on this endeavor or not, I can share ideas for kid-friendly meals/versions, adjustments for different diets, and more
  • Help with meal planning
  • Cooking tips and tricks
  • Accountability to meet your goals
  • Helpful resources
    • books, websites, documentaries, cookbooks, recipe blogs
    • doctors, dietitians, or nutritionists upon request
  • Cooking together (in person or virtual)
    • I can show you firsthand how to make specific dishes, use new ingredients, alter recipes to suit your family’s palates, and more.
  • Grocery shopping together (in person only)
    • Navigate the store, read labels, learn about replacement foods, and more.
  • Pantry/fridge review (in person or virtual)
    • Looking to cut out certain foods? I can help you start fresh.


“Jenn is the answer to prayers. I was looking for an accountability partner for my whole food plant-based journey. She was knowledgeable, affordable, and so very supportive!”                        

Mary – Franklin, TN


“Working with Jenn was fun and easy-going. While my family was not ready to commit to full-time veganism, we did want to dial up our plant intake and really needed some tried-and-true alternatives to lean into. Jenn fully understood and never pushed. She was just excited to share her deep knowledge and the brands she most loves.  I’m happy to report that my 10-year-old son now commits to 2-3 plant-based days per week!”

Jenn – Carlsbad, CA

“Jenn has been such an asset to my life. Her coaching gave me the the tools I needed to start a new healthy way of eating. She makes recipes family-friendly and delicious — even my pickiest eaters still enjoy the food. As I go through this journey of plant-based eating it’s so comforting to know I have someone with tons of knowledge and expertise to guide me through it.”

Jaime – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Jenn has a been an inspiration and motivation in my journey to eat more plant-based food. She coaches you with ideas and recipes to help change your diet and become healthier. She also gives yummy ideas that are kid-friendly and easy to make.”

Erin – Ashburn, VA

Coaching Options

Introductory Package

  • 5 minute introductory online survey
  • 40 minute initial meeting (Zoom, phone, or in person)
  • Follow-up with initial resources/materials
  • 1 month ongoing support: additional recipe ideas, resources, accountability, cheerleading, etc. (text, email, phone)
  • 30 minute optional follow-up (Zoom, phone, or in person)

$95 for first month; $50 each additional month*

Hourly Coaching

For specific requests, like cooking, grocery shopping, pantry clean out, or detailed meal plan (more examples above).

$60 per hour*

*sliding scale available

For more information or to schedule your 1:1 plant-based coaching, fill out my inquiry form below or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Coach Jenn in a black and white action photo cooking in the kitchen.