10 Easy Trader Joe’s Vegan Meals

Sick and tired of cooking? Need a quick and relatively healthy option that is TASTY too without spending a pretty penny for takeout? These 10 quick & easy Trader Joe’s vegan meals could be your answer.

Collage of 4 examples of Easy Trader Joe's Vegan Meals.

This list will make your Trader Joe’s meal prep EASY! Cook times range from about 3 to 20 minutes. And portions are flexible, whether you are looking for vegan meals for one or two, or an entire family.

Here are 10 of my tasty, throw together Trader Joe’s vegan recipes.

Chili Onion Cabbage Noodles

Bowl of Chili Onion Cabbage Noodles.
Ingredients for chili onion cabbage noodles.

Move over takeout…these Chili Onion Cabbage Noodles leave nothing to be desired! If you haven’t tried some of these new items like the unbelievably flavorful Stir Fry Garlicky Cabbage or Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles, you are missing out!

Base ingredients:

  • Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles w/ sauce (or Thai Wheat Noodles or Instant Ramen Noodles)
  • Stir Fry Garlicky Cabbage
  • Crunchy Chili Onion (or sriracha)

Optional Ingredients:

  • Sriracha Tofu (or plain tofu)
  • Chili Onion Peanuts
  • fresh herbs
  • fresh lime juice
  • Coconut aminos or soy sauce


Simply followed instructions to cook noodles and cabbage (proportions are roughly 1 individual package of noodles to 1 package of cabbage). Then combine them with noodle sauce packet (I only use 1/2 of the sauce) and top with other ingredients!

Souped-Up Trader Joe’s Multigrain Blend with Chimichurri

Multigrain blend with Chimichurri sauce on white plate.
Shopping cart with groceries for Souped Up Multi-grain blend

This creation was so satisfying and wholesome that it is now in our adult dinner rotation (when kids are eating something else:)). Delicious and SO HEALTHY!

Base ingredients:

  • Trader Joe’s Multigrain blend (or other quick cooking grain like farro if you prefer)
  • sea salt, black pepper, or other simple seasoning
  • Chimichurri Sauce or Romesco Sauce

Optional Ingredients:

  • frozen or fresh veggies of choice (like edamame, greens, carrots, peas, and corn)


Simply sauté the frozen Multigrain Blend in a little water (or olive oil) with optional veggies of choice until heated through, added salt and pepper and top with sauce.

Vegan Mexican Cobb Salad

Mexican Cobb Salad with black beans, corn, creamy dill dressing, crispy jalapeno pieces, and more!
Grocery cart full of ingredients for Mexican Cobb Salad.

THIS Trader Joe’s vegan salad creation is the salad I crave more than any other: creamy, spicy, light. My vegan Mexican Cobb Salad is essentially taco salad ingredients with a ranch-like dressing. And Trader Joe’s makes it EASY with the best salad dressing of all time, Creamy Dill.

Base ingredients:

  • romaine or greens of choice
  • black beans
  • corn
  • fresh tomatoes
  • avocado
  • Crispy Jalapeno Pieces (or tortilla chips if you prefer)
  • Vegan Creamy Dill dressing (tastes like ranch!)

Optional added ingredients (chopped or shredded):

  • radishes
  • bell peppers
  • Impossible Chicken Nuggets (baked and chopped into bite size pieces) or sautéed Soy Chorizo
  • hemp seeds/hearts


Prepare meat substitute per package instructions if using. Then simply combine all ingredients into large bowl and toss to combine.

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Vegan Ravioli with Pesto

Ingredients for easy vegan pesto ravioli.

Trader Joe’s makes it SO EASY to eat vegan with their amazing vegan ravioli…first they offered spinach and cashew, and now bolognese too! A warm and hearty dinner in minutes…

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients:

  • white beans
  • greens
  • vegan parmesan


Cook ravioli according to packaging instructions. Once cooked, add ravioli to pan with large scoop pesto and warm. Serve.

Veggie Ramen

Bowl of spicy ramen with tofu and greens.
Spicy Ramen

Ingredients in shopping cart for ramen.

Nothing says comfort food like ramen! This is my favorite lunch (even brunch) for one when I am working from home during the week.

Base ingredients:

  • single-serve ramen package (miso or spicy miso)
  • veggies of choice (like kale, spinach, cabbage, or broccoli)
  • tofu of choice (I like TJ’s sriracha or plain tofu)

Optional added ingredients:

  • fresh herbs
  • sriracha


Simply follow the ramen directions to cook the noodles and broth (I omit the oil since I find it’s tasty without it). While they cook, sauté veggies in a pan with 1/4 cup water. When the noodles/broth are ready, combine them with the veggies in the pan, add in tofu of choice and top with fresh herbs and/or sriracha.

This prep feels more elevated than just eating out of the paper cup and it’s a scrumptious way to pack in the veggies;). Definitely one of my go-to vegan meals for one.

Lentil or White Bean Bruschetta Toasts

Lentil bruschetta , one of the easy Trader Joe's vegan meals.
Shopping cart with ingredients for white bean bruschetta toasts.
Box of pre-cooked lentils.

The Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Sauce is delicious all by itself, but can easily be made into a meal by adding legumes like lentils or white beans. I serve on toast or crostini with a little arugula on top for the adults. My kids prefer white beans and they use crackers to shovel it in;)!

Base ingredients:

Optional added ingredients:


Proportions of bruschetta to legumes are personal preference. I typically start with about 1 cup of sauce to about 1/2 cup of legumes, season with salt and pepper, and then taste and alter.

This is one of our family’s favorite easy vegan Trader Joe’s meal ideas, and it works well as a snack or appetizer too!

Easy Vegetable Gyoza Soup

Easy Vegetable Gyoza Soup in white bowl.
Shopping cart with ingredients for easy vegan gyoza soup.

This dumpling soup recipe is a great way to pack in veggies to your diet while still enjoying these yummy gyoza. While it is almost too simple for a recipe, I have mastered some preparation hacks that are worth sharing.

Refrigerated Soup with Greens

One of the easy Trader Joe's vegan meals: refrigerated soup with greens and bread.
Ingredients for soup with greens in shopping cart.

Trader Joe’s carries a handful of plant-based soups in the refrigerated section that are delicious on their own…but adding a handful of fresh greens while simmering on the stove somehow makes them feel more special, like a complete meal.

Base ingredients:

  • prepared soup (like Hearty Minestrone, Harvest Chili, and Lentil with Ancient Grains. Note: some of TJ’s soups are seasonal and regional)
  • fresh spinach or kale
  • crusty bread

Optional added ingredients:

  • hot sauce
  • beans or tofu


Simply heat soup over medium heat and stir in greens. Throw in some crusty bread for a heartier bowl.

Sweet & Spicy Rice Salad

Colorful bowl of sweet & spicy rice salad, of the the best easy Trader Joe's vegan meals.
Shopping cart with sweet and spicy rice salad ingredients.

This Asian-inspired Spicy Rice Salad is oh so addicting, with the perfect balance of textures and heat. It tops the list for my favorite Trader Joe’s Salad Recipes!

Base ingredients:

  • salad greens of choice
  • brown rice (quick-cooking frozen works great)
  • cucumbers
  • Sriracha Baked Tofu
  • Crispy Jalapeño Pieces
  • Maple Vinaigrette Dressing (unfortunately the Spicy Cashew Butter Dressing was discontinued…that was the best!)

Optional added ingredients (chopped or shredded):

  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • raw beets

Hearty Pasta: Easy Vegan Trader Joe’s Meals

Hearty pasta, one of the easy Trader Joe's vegan meals.
Ingredients for hearty pasta in shopping cart.

Healthy and hearty, this dish has so many variations and can be gluten free too.

Base ingredients:

  • pasta of choice
  • tomato sauce of choice
  • veggies of choice (like mushrooms, carrots, kale, spinach, spaghetti squash)
  • beans of choice (like white beans or ready cooked lentils or red lentils)
  • vegan parmesan


Cook pasta according to packaging instructions (and boil red lentils if using). Cook veggies as needed, then add sauce and legumes to warm. I often make this dish when I have leftover spaghetti squash as my kids barely notice it mixed in with all the pasta and sauce.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas for quick and easy Trader Joe’s vegan meals! What is YOUR favorite TJ’s quick meal?! Please let me know what you think in comments below!

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10 thoughts on “10 Easy Trader Joe’s Vegan Meals”

  • This list was EXACTLY what I was looking for! We are moving at the end of this month, and I want to have easy meals on hand for that last week, when we will be spending our evenings packing. Definitely going to use several of your ideas, thank you!

  • Staying in a condo in Miami Beach with a kitchen that contains 1 pot and 1 pan. I am cooking for 3 adults, all vegan & 1 who is gluten sensitive. Spices and seasonings are limited too. If I were home there would be no issues. These meal suggestions have given me 3 ideas for easy dinners. I can ride a bike to TJs and fill up the basket and be back in 30 minutes. Easy peasy.

  • Saved this in my Notes app… going to skip the meal delivery kit for a couple of weeks and try these out one by one! Thanks for making my shopping easy!

  • What was originally in the spot the ravioli is in now? We’ve been using this list exclusively for the nights I work late. We appreciate this so much! We had been using the jar bruschetta in place of the romescu sauce, but we’ll try the chimmichuri for sure.

    • Hi Leslie! I LOVE that you have been using this regularly! I do my very best to keep it up to date with the store’s products, as well as the best TJ’s items list and all the other ones:)
      The Vegan Shakshouka was there, but they discontinued the sauce:(.
      And they also discontinued the romesco sauce. We love the chimichurri, and you can also try it with the new Trader Joe’s Bitchin’ Sauce- the almond chipotle dip, if you like spicy. Which are your favorite meals of this list? And curious if you have kids and if they also enjoy them? Thank you thank you thank you!!!

      • We are a household of 5, but the kids are mostly grown. Our teenagers like the vegan bolognese ravioli with pesto the most, but are happy with all the meals. If there are leftovers those are eaten up as well! (Which is not necessarily true of the other vegan meals that I make that are not on this list.) My favorite is the Chili Onion Cabbage Noodles, my husband loves the Sweet and Spicy Rice Salad, but really all the combinations are winners, and I really appreciate the alternatives listed, even with the Shakshuka we used the spicy marinara you’d suggested, totally tasty! A lot of times we will get every vegetable and all the alternative vegetables, too, and challenge ourselves with how veggie we can make it. The flavors hold up great 😊

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