Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Frozen Meals (Aug. ’23)

Attention busy people (and folks that don’t wanna cook)! Great news…these Trader Joe’s vegan frozen meals are so tasty and unique that they make it perfectly delicious not to cook!

Collage of Trader Joe's frozen vegan dinners.

As a self-proclaimed Trader Joe’s vegan junkie, I try every new vegan item that hits the shelves (and the freezers!)…and I can tell you that these vegan frozen dinners (or lunches) are worth a try for busy (and lazy) omnivores and herbivores alike!

Is this all the vegan frozen meals at TJ’s? Nope. This is the curated list of only the best. To see what didn’t make the list (and why), scroll down to the end of the post😉.

The Best Frozen Trader Joe’s Meals

Korean Kimbap

Frozen Kimbap now at Trader Joe's!

This impressive new frozen Kimbap at Trader Joe’s is flavorful yet mild. Fairly similar to sushi, Kimbap is a Korean staple made with sesame oil-infused rice, seaweed, and, in this iteration, filled with greens, root veggies, pickles, and braised tofu.

My kids love it all alone, and I love to dip it in a little Gochujang sauce, sriracha, soy sauce combo.

Simply microwave for 2 minutes from frozen, and enjoy! One of the most exciting items in the frozen aisle!

It may not be the authentic method, but Trader Joe’s sure does make eating global cuisine accessible! In fact, this new item makes it to the Best Of list!

Misal Curry with Brown Rice

Trader Joe's misal curry with brown rice in package, one of the top Trader Joe's vegan frozen meals.

Trader Joe’s Indian Misal Curry made with sprouted moth beans, chickpeas, and peas is packed with flavor and has a lovely kick (about 7-8 on a scale from 1-10). If I have a minute, I add some sauteed greens for a well-balanced, protein-rich quick lunch at home.

This frozen Indian curry also makes the Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Food list!

Japanese Style Fried Rice

Bag of frozen Trader Joe's Japanese Fried Rice.

This Japanese frozen item is a unique spin on fried rice. Flavorful yet mild, it makes a tasty and quick weekday lunch all on its own, or with some additional tofu and chile sauce mixed in.

Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Bowl

Blue box of Trader Joe's Riced Cauliflower Bowl.

This Riced Cauliflower Bowl with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, tofu, and tahini sauce is packed with flavor and spice without overusing salt. Full of wholesome ingredients to boot, this one is always in the freezer for a quick solo meal.

Vegan Kimchi & Tofu Soup

Grey box of Trader Joe's Kimchi & Tofu Soup.

Kimchi isn’t for everyone, but kimchi fans will love this one. With unique flavors and textures throughout the bowl, this soup also includes black rice and mushrooms. I simply throw it on the stove with 2 tablespoons of water and a handful of cabbage and heat on low, covered, for about 10 minutes.

A cozy and quick meal that doesn’t taste like it was previously frozen.

Trader Joe’s Japchae: Trader Joe’s Healthy Frozen Meals

Japchae noodle package.

This Korean sweet potato glass noodles and vegetable stir fry is simple, mild, light, delicate, and absolutely delicious! It is great on its own, but I also like to add tofu and sriracha sauce.

Vegan Thai Green Curry

Package of Trader Joe's vegan Thai Green curry, one of the best Trader Joe's vegan frozen meals.

Trader Joe’s vegan Thai Green Curry with tofu sheets and veggies has restaurant-quality flavor! It is impressively spicy (a 9 on a scale from 1-10), so it’s not for the faint of heart! But heat lovers should definitely try this one.

This frozen vegan Thai curry is so good that it is also on my Best Vegan Items at Trader Joe’s list!

Trader Joe’s Vegan Pizza: Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Frozen Meals

Box of TJ's vegan pizza.

Trader Joe’s only vegan pizza is about as good as frozen vegan pizzas get! Named “Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza“, the pie is full of flavor and has a perfectly crispy crust. The sausage is spot on in flavor and texture; the pepperoni also has great flavor, even if the texture is a little soft. And the plant-based cheese is totally passable, even if it doesn’t fully melt.

Vegetable Panang Curry: Best Trader Joe’s Frozen Dinners

The Vegetable Panang Curry package, one of the best Trader Joe's vegan frozen meals.

This Thai panang curry is another tasty choice for a quick frozen plant-based meal. It is a red curry with a sweeter profile than most curries, and mild on the heat (about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10).

Trader Joe’s Frozen Meals that didn’t make the cut

Even Trader Joe’s can’t win them all…like these:

  • Vegan Bolognese: the sauce has an odd flavor, aftertaste, and texture
  • Chickenless Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry: the vegan chicken has a mushy texture and the dish overall lacks flavor
  • Vegetable Pad Thai: too sweet and high in sugar; also, the proportion of sprouts to noodles is a bit too high; finally, the noodles don’t cook evenly in the microwave
  • Vegan Tikka Masala: the meat substitute is soft and mushy; the sauce is a bit oily

Perhaps I have introduced you to something new, maybe I am missing your fav?! Please, tell me what you think in comments below!

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