Costco Vegan Food Worth Bulk Buying: Fall ’22

Considering a Costco membership but not sure if anything at Costco is vegan? Already a member but aiming to eat more plant-based? Good news: there is PLENTY of Costco vegan food worth bulk buying! In fact, the store has practically everything you could want.

These grocery items are not only a good value, they are delicious and BULK WORTHY! Spoiler alert: most items on this list won’t spoil quickly. While Costco carries good quality bulk produce, it’s hard to recommend produce wholeheartedly because of the shorter shelf life and higher carbon footprint for food that is grown closer to home.

Without further ado, here are the top Costco plant-based options that are worth buying in bulk…as of Fall 2022. Consider this your vegan Costco shopping list;).

Costco Vegan Crackers

Rustic Bakery flatbread crackers, a Costco vegan staple
Mary's seed crackers
almond crackers

Costco has a some solid choices when it comes to crackers. And unlike other food categories, their crackers are not a huge bulk haul; all brands we have tried come as a double package. And double bonus, they actually use LESS packaging than most other categories- one cardboard box with two plastic sleeves of crackers.

Our family favorite from Costco is Rustic Bakery: bite-size flatbread crackers with a hint of rosemary. So good, so simple.

Two other tasty choices that are also gluten free are the uber healthy Mary’s Gone Crackers super seed and Simple Mills almond flour crackers.

Vegan Snacks: Costco Dried Fruit (Mangos and Dates)

organic dried mangos
dried dates

Dried fruit is another category that makes sense to buy in bulk, especially if you have kiddos. In addition to a long shelf life, dried fruit makes an awesome addition to lunchboxes and snacks.

You can’t beat the Kirkland brand organic dried mangos…sweet and addictive without added sugar!

We also love the organic pitted dried dates: they are like nature’s candy…sweet and delicious on their own or with your favorite nut/nut butter stuffed inside. I also dice them and add into oatmeal as it cooks for a natural, healthy sweetener.

Vegan Desserts at Costco: Acai Bowls

The acai bowl from Costco is so delicious that you almost forget it is so healthy! With fruit and granola packets included, it is a layered experience not to miss. This tops the list for Costco vegan dessert for sure!

Costco Vegan Cheese: Mozzarella

vegan mozzarella

There is a reason Good Planet has made it into Costco stores: it is the best vegan shredded mozzarella IMO. And I have done a lot of research on the subject:). Good Planet is the most similar tasting to it’s dairy counterpart, and melts well too! In fact, it tops the list in the Best Vegan Cheese by Category.

If you have kids, this bulk vegan cheese can be put to good use in lasagna, pizza, and more. And I find it keeps for over a month after opening in the fridge.

Costco Noodles & Pasta

brown rice ramen
pasta bulk pack

Costco is a great place to purchase noodles. First, they are fairly easy to store. Perhaps more importantly, Costco has some hard to find varieties like brown rice ramen and shapes like “unicorn horns” (aka casarecce). The perfect base to a delicious Costco plant-based dinner!

Plant Milk: Costco vegan find!

Silk almond milk

Plant milk is the item that has me visiting Costco regularly– the 3-pack Silk Oatmilk simply can’t be beat. Not only the best deal around, Silk contains 100% of the daily recommendation for B12, which is hugely important for vegans. Not to mention a significant amount of daily vitamin D and calcium. And it’s oh so creamy!

My kids go through almost an entire 3-pack every week, so our beer fridge has become our oatmilk fridge;)!

Costco also carries a 3-pack of almond milk.

Costco Vegan Butter

Miyoko's vegan butter, a Costco vegan staple

Another unbeatable deal is Miyoko’s vegan butter. And since it just comes in a 2-pack, it’s hardly bulky.

This European style cultured butter is so delicious and decadent that I dare you to swap it for the dairy version and see if anyone can tell!

Vegan Bread at Costco

Dave's bread

If you freezer has room, buying a 2-pack of your favorite breads (like Dave’s Killer Bread or your local sourdough) definitely pays off. Not only a great deal, it will likely minimize frequent trips to the grocery store.

Use one, freeze one!

Canned Beans: Bulk Plant-Based Food at Costco

refried beans, a Costco vegan staple
garbanzo beans
black beans

Beans are a vegan pantry staple. And while omnivores may not go through beans quickly enough to warrant the bulk, many herbivores will! Costco ensures you never run out.

This is one bulk vegan food item on our list every visit.

Costco Nut Butter

peanut butter in bulk 2-pack
almond butter

Costco offers bulk peanut butter and almond butter without any added sugar. Definitely worth the bulk for natural nut butter lovers, as they simply come in a large single pack (almond) or 2-pack (peanut).

Bars: Costco Vegan Snacks

Z bars, a Costco vegan staple
fig bars

If you have kids, you know about bars. They make life easier and are a healthier choice than many other packaged bulk vegan snacks.

Since bars are small, they are generally worth buying in bulk. Even if you can’t store the box in your pantry, chances are, you can store the individual bars.

Kid faves include Clif Kids Z Bars and Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.

Chips & Popcorn: Costco Vegan Snacks

Kettle chips, a Costco vegan treat

These types of bulk vegan snacks make sense for bigger households, and when entertaining!

Tomato Sauce: Plant-Based Food at Costco

Rao's marinara, a Costco vegan awesome find
Kirkland marinara, a Costco vegan find

Costco makes it easy to stock up on tomato sauce. First, Rao’s marinara is a cult favorite. If you aren’t familiar, just trust me. You will find room in your pantry for 2 jars.

And Kirkland’s marinara ain’t too shabby either. A bit thinner, it is still well balanced and makes a great choice, especially when adding other ingredients to the sauce.

These sauces are the perfect topping for a delicious Costco vegan dinner!

Nuts: Bulk Vegan Food

raw cashews, a Costco vegan staple

Nut lovers have already discovered Costco’s amazing deals on bulk nuts. The organic raw cashews are especially key to a plant-based diet, as they are the base of many cream sauces and cheeses as well as easy homemade parmesan (a staple in our pantry).

While nuts are a bulk vegan food item offered in many stores, Costco offers the best price around.

Costco Tofu

tofu 4 pack, a Costco vegan staple

Not only a better deal, once removed from the box, these four individual tofu packages are easy to store in the fridge. Costco tofu is plant-based staple for sure.

And if you haven’t tried air fryer tofu yet, this is your PSA!

Costco Vegan Dips and Salsa

Bitchin' sauce, a Costco vegan find
vegan queso

Sure, these fresh dips have an expiration date, but they are generally a couple months out. So the key is to strategically open the package when you know you are ready to dig in and share! In fact, together they could make a killer Costco vegan platter (with some of those crackers above)!

My longstanding favorite dip (and the reason I joined Costco!) is Bitchin’ Sauce. But our new family fav is the Queso Blanco, a delightfully cheesy Costco vegan queso:)! I have also seen that some Costcos carry the chipotle queso flavor…still waiting to find it at mine.

And Casa Sanchez salsas are a local delicacy here in the Bay area…I hope they make it to your Costco too!

With so many choices, you are sure to find a Costco vegan dip you love.

Peanut Butter Pretzels: Bulk Vegan Snacks at Costco

peanut butter pretzels, a Costco vegan find!

One of life’s true pleasures…peanut butter pretzels! And Costco’s Kirkland brand comes in the perfect packaging. Therefore, this vegan bulk food quantity is totally worth it: easy to open, close, and store, this sturdy container keeps those pretzels fresh for months.

One of the most popular vegan items at Costco, the nuggets are loved by all.

Costco Salad Greens

spring mix, a Costco vegan deal

If your household is able to use a one pound package of mixed greens before they turn, then this item is for you! About 40% cheaper for the same size as other grocery stores…and the only produce I dare to recommend.

Bonus: at least here in Northern California, the lettuce I have seen at Costco is grown fairly local.

Impossible Patties: Costco vegan burgers!

Costco vegan find: Impossible patties

If Impossible burgers are your jam, Costco is the place to shop. They make burger night (or BBQ night) so easy by offering frozen patties, and the 8-pack is hardly bulky. This Costco vegan meat is a no brainer.

If you were looking for vegan options at Costco in 2022, hopefully this shopping list has your answers! It is clear where to buy wholesale vegan food, that’s for sure!

Or perhaps I left our your favorite plant-based Costco items? Please, share your thoughts by commenting below!

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