Trader Joe’s Vegan Desserts that are worth it!

Updated Oct. 2022

Don’t do dairy but still have a little sweet tooth? This one’s for you! My beloved Trader Joe’s always hits the spot in satisfying the craving for a sweet bite (or 10!). These Trader Joe’s vegan desserts are totally worth the calories IMO:)!

If you’re new to Plant-Powered Livin’, welcome! Among other things, I am a Trader Joe’s junkie:). My family and I try just all the Trader Joe’s vegan items that hits the shelves, the freezers, or the fridge…and love to share our current favorites with other TJ’s fans!

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But first, dessert…

NEW! Trader Joe’s Vegan Ice Cream: Very Chocolatey w/ Fudge Brownies

This decadent dessert recently hit the shelves and I am SO grateful for my daughters’ watchful eye over the frozen dessert section every visit! Rich, velvety, and oh so chocolatey…chocolate lovers may just wanna stock up!

Clearly this one makes the overall Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Food list as well!


mini coconut ice cream cones

These mini Trader Joe’s vegan ice cream cones are the family favorite frozen plant-based dessert at Trader Joe’s. They HIT THE SPOT when craving an ice cream cone…I dare you to eat just one;)!

And, I betcha your dairy eating friends and family won’t notice that these are made with coconut milk!

In fact, they are so good, they are also included in the Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Food!

Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn

Guys, this one is dangerous. Perfectly balanced, not too sweet, it appears that adults actually have a harder time only taking one handful;). Whatever you do, DO NOT open alone.


vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

These vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with coconut are the only store bought cookies we buy regularly as they are consistently soft, slightly chewy, and not crumbly. And those little coconut flakes make them just so delicious. They are our go-to road trip dessert as they travel well too.

These cookies are so top notch that they are also included in the Best Trader Joe’s Vegan Food!

Oat Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches

If these aren’t nostalgic, I don’t know what is. This Trader Joe’s dairy free ice cream sandwich tastes like childhood. I dare you to trick someone with one!

Oat Chocolate Bars

These new “milk chocolate bars” are a win! Finally, a vegan option for milk chocolate that is accessible and easy to find. And the mini size is a perfect portion.

Cold Crew Coffee/Tea and Boba Frozen Dessert

coffee coconut ice cream with boba

Attention coffee ice cream lovers!!! This one’s for you!

First, the coffee flavor of this coconut milk ice cream is DELICIOUS- strong coffee flavor, perfect sweetness, not an obvious coconut flavor. Second, the boba (tapioca pearls) are a delightful mild & chewy surprise in every bite.

And sweet tea lovers…this is surprisingly delightful too.

My 10-year old son loves these even more than I do;)!

Vegan Bon Bons: Trader Joe’s Vegan Desserts that are worth it!

vegan bon bons!

Trader Joe’s bon bons are all the rage these days! At nearly every backyard gathering, someone brings a few boxes of these delicious bites to share. Adored by herbivores and omnivores alike, vegan bon bons are always a crowd-pleaser.

Trader Joe’s sometimes carries mint flavor too, be on the lookout!

Trader Joe’s Acai Bowls

For a healthy Trader Joe’s dessert, try the acai bowls! This guilt-free vegan and gluten free dessert is an item that your Trader Joe’s kids may love too!

Fruit Frenzy Bars

frozen fruit bars

These striped bars have been a summer favorite for years! The perfect balance of sweet and tart, they made kids and adults smile.

Vegan Banana Bread with Walnuts

walnut banana bread

Call it dessert for breakfast, a sweet snack, or dessert. Whatever you call it, this banana bread is worth the calories – try it with a schmear of vegan cream cheese on top for the ultimate bite!

Dark Chocolate, Nuts, and Sea Salt Bars

chocolate and nut bar

These tasty bars are a better version of Kind Bars IMO…chewier and gooier! We love them as a snack or dessert – try cutting into chunks and serving over the vanilla nice cream below!

These bars often come in a box of 5, and are usually available as single bars too. TJ’s offer three nut combo versions- our fav is the the peanut, almond, and walnut.

Fruity Chews

fruit chews, one of the Trader Joe's vegan desserts that are worth it!

Vegan Starburst?! That’s right, this chewy treat tastes very similar to the popular nostalgic candy, but with natural ingredients and flavors…and without the red dye and gelatin! ENJOY!

So what do you think of this sweet list?! Did I miss your favorite TJ’s delight? Comment below to let me know!

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