Actually Healthy Snacks at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s is well known as the ultimate snack destination. But what if you’re looking for wholesome grazing between meals? Good news…you can also choose actually healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s that are absolutely delicious, too!

As a Trader Joe’s vegan junkie, I keep up on all the latest TJ’s plant-based products, and I create and maintain a variety of Trader Joe’s shopping lists and meal ideas.

Check out these wholesome, guilt-free snacks, including oil-free, no added sugar, minimally processed, and low-sodium snack options. Second only to fresh fruit and veggies!

Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Bag of Trader Joe's in shell pumpkin seeds.

Perhaps one of the healthiest foods at Trader Joe’s, these in shell pumpkin seeds are cooked without any oil! High in protein at 9 grams per serving, this simple snack with just 2 ingredients is uberhealthy and hits the spot when you are craving something crunchy and savory.


With just two simple ingredients, edamame and salt, it’s hard to beat this nutritious choice. Found in the frozen section, I often leave the bag in the refrigerator over night and then they are ready by snacking time the next day.

Organic Popcorn

Made with olive oil, Trader Joe’s popcorn is a healthy choice all around, with just 3 ingredients.

100% Juice Smoothies

Made of clean, whole ingredients, these Trader Joe’s 100% juice smoothies are a smart choice that hits the spot!

The green smoothie is so sweet and delicious that you would never guess that it is green in a blind taste test! With fruit like banana, mango, kiwi, plus juices from pineapple and apple, you can’t even taste those uberhealthy ingredients like spurilina.

Cauliflower Crisps Snack

These delicious and unique tasting crisps are gluten-free and oil-free to boot! Made with cauliflower, brown rice, coconut milk, seeds, and spices, these crackers are delicious all on their own, or as a scooper for your favorite dip or sauce.

If you are looking for unique and healthy snacks at Trader Joe’s, try these!

Trader Joe’s This Coconut Brings Chocolate on a Date Bars

These wholesome bars are full of whole plant foods and no added sugar or oil. They are simply made with dates, almond butter, coconut, chocolate, and cocoa powder!


Seaweed is uberhealthy: full of nutrients that are hard to find in nature like B12 and omega-3s, especially if you stick to a mostly plant-based diet.

Trader Joe’s offers sea salt and teriyaki flavor options.

Apple Chips

With just 1 ingredient, this Apple Chip Duo is a smart choice for after school snacking! And with a crisp and crunchy texture, they are a refreshing alternative to soft dried fruit. Plus, with an assortment of red and green apples, they offer a nice balance of sweet and tart.

Organic Dried Mango

Sweet and chewy without any added ingredients, Trader Joe’s organic dried mangos are a delicious and wholesome choice for snacking. Not only unsweetened but unsulfured!

Organic Fruit Sauce Crushers

Trader Joe’s fruit crushers make a super healthy and easy on-the-go snack, with only organic pureed fruits and vegetables in the ingredients. With four flavors, apple, apple banana, apple carrot, and apple strawberry, there’s something for every kid and toddler (and adult?!).

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes get a bad rap, but the truth is that they are crunchy and salty and an awesome vehicle to scoop your favorite dip or sauce without the guilt! Or, they make a fun PB&J!

Minimally processed with just two ingredients, Trader Joe’s rice cakes make a smart snack choice.

Low Sodium Nuts

Trader Joe’s offers 50% less salt roasted nuts, like pistachios (my favorite), peanuts, and almonds. So if you’re trying to make healthier choices that still taste good, these lower sodium nuts are for you!

Norwegian Crackers: Healthy Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Seeds and Grains Crispbread are full of wholesome ingredients without any added oil….it really doesn’t get much healthier?!

Simply pair with your favorite dip or sauce and snack away!

Trader Joe’s also offers a gluten-free version of the Norwegian crackers.

So…bottom line, Trader Joe’s totally has healthy vegan options! Perhaps I have introduced you to some new ideas, or maybe I am missing your fav?! Please, tell me what you think in comments below!

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