Awesome Kitchen Gifts for Kids

Wanting to get your kids in the kitchen more often? Constantly brainstorming creative and unique gifts for the little ones in your life? Check out these awesome kitchen gifts for kids!

As a foodie and mom of young kids, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. After trying many ways of engaging my kids to join me over the years, and have honed in on my top food-themed and cooking gifts for kids, many of which I have given to the other children in my life as well.

From bigger gifts to stocking stuffers, check out these 7 awesome kitchen gifts for kids.

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Kitchen Gifts for Kids

Raddish Kids Subscription

Raddish Kids, perfect kitchen gifts for kids

Raddish Kids is the ultimate subscription box to engaged kids in cooking. Impressively, all of the recipes we have made from our Raddish Kids kits over the past 3+ years have been delicious and KID-APPROVED!

The three easy-to-follow, illustrated recipes come laminated and folded for easy use in the messy kitchen. Plus, each box includes a silicon kitchen tool to use for that month’s recipes. And every recipe includes modifications for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and other allergies. Finally, I can’t forget the the kids’ favorite part: table talk cards, to engage the whole family during meal time!

Favorite recipes? While it’s tough to choose, my daughter loves the strawberry cupcakes. My son asks to make the pad Thai and minestrone soup again and again, though his favorite is the technicolor tartlets he made with his friend and I during his “cooking class” playdate;). And mine? The carrot cake sandwich cookies hands down;).

For more info on subscriptions or send this kids’ cooking gift, go to Raddish Kids. Use the code RADGIFT for for $20 off a 6-month membership, and $40 off a 12-month membership (through 12/31).

Raddish Kids
technicolor tartlets

Veggie Explorers Club

Veggie Explorers Club

Bay Area mom Amy Jizmagian has created a fun and educational subscription box for kids that is part craft kit and part cooking kit. Veggie Explorers Club creatively introduces vegetables to children through simple sensory activities focused on sight, smell, touch, and taste.

This unique kit makes an awesome gift for kids under 10. I can vouch from experience…my kids have thoroughly enjoyed the activities and have even tasted asparagus and artichokes for the first time ever! In fact, I think this kids’ subscription box is such a unique & engaging gift that I have already sent Veggie Explorers Club to both my niece and my goddaughter for their birthdays this year.

You can get $5 off your first box by using this link!

Short on time? Amy offers a Zoom class with each kit to take the heavy load off you and onto her!

To read more about Veggie Explorers Club and the entrepreneur behind the magic, check out my blog post.

Kitchen Helper Stool

kitchen helper stool

The Kitchen Helper Stool* is the most practical kids’ kitchen gift we have ever received. My mother-in-law bought this awesome kitchen tower when they kids were young and we used it for a solid five years. The stool enables kids to safely stand at adult height and help cook and bake without the worry of falling.

Gifting to toddlers? This version* includes keeper panels for additional safety for littler ones.

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Kid-Friendly Cookbooks

One of the most surprising ways my kids have engaged in meal planning has been flipping through my cookbooks I leave out on the counter, earmarking the recipes they want to try. These days there are so many wonderful plant-based cookbooks. Some of our favorites include Dreena Burton‘s Plant-Powered Families, Dreena’s Kind Kitchen, Charity Morgan’s Unbelievably Vegan, and Chloe Flavor.

Exposing kids to cookbooks is a low-pressure way of engaging them in the kitchen, and I am excited to find a few more to include in this year’s holiday cooking gifts for kids.

cookbooks, perfect kitchen gifts for kids

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Kids Knives: Perfect Kitchen Gifts for Kids

Both parents and kids will be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen with kids cutlery. Kid-safe knives are key to getting kids involved in the kitchen safely, and these knives for kids have worked the best of the handful we have tried, as far as effectively cutting the food.

Kid-safe knives are practical stocking stuffer gifts for kids!

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Taco Holders

taco holders

So…my kids always hated crunchy tacos (“too messy!”, “everything falls out!”)…until Santa brought them with these nifty taco holders two years ago. THANK YOU SANTA!

A simple, functional food gift for kids and the whole family!

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PlanetBox Lunchboxes

Last but not least, I must include the most practical kids’ kitchen item: our PlanetBox lunchboxes! We bought our first one 5 years ago and it is still going strong! These high quality stainless steel lunchboxes are not only durable; they are the perfect design for offering choices. We love both the 3 compartment and the 5 compartment versions. The carrying cases make it super easy to stay organized too, with snack pocket, water bottle pouch, and more.

As the kids get older, they have become interested in helping pack their lunchboxes (sometimes). They get excited to fill each compartment with their favorite foods…or at the very least, to make requests for what I should include.

Check out our many PlanetBox lunchbox creations!

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I hope this list gave you some new food gift ideas this holiday season! Please, share your favorite ideas in comments below! For more gift ideas, check out Conscious Gifts for the Kitchen.

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