Eating Vegan in Mexico City w/ Omnivores

Are you a plant-based foodie heading to CDMX with non-vegan friends or family? The incredible food scene is one of the biggest draws to Mexico City. And if you google “best vegan food in Mexico City,” you will be set for weeks with the amazing vegan restaurants to try! But curious if the trendy, mainstream restaurants offer plant-based options, too? Great news for you: eating vegan in Mexico City with omnivores is gonna be AMAZING!

Collage of some of the top plant-based dishes in Mexico City!

Check out these 7 popular Mexico City restaurants that are, in fact, vegan-friendly! Plus, a vegan-friendly hotel and two (of the many) awesome CDMX vegan restaurants!

This is your vegan guide to Mexico City’s hottest spots🌱 🍽!


Collage of the 7-course vegan tasting menu at Mexico City's Pujol.

Pujol is an culinary experience to say the least! Ranked #5 in the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2022 and bearer of 3 Michelin stars, Pujol exhibits “the spirit of Mexico captured on a plate.”

Pujol is famous for their seven-course tasting menu, which changes seasonally. They happily accommodate a vegan tasting menu option, just be sure to request in advance so they can prep accordingly.

Among the unique, show-stopping vegan creations, highlights (from March 2023) included:

  • tlayuda (large tostada) with mole verde, green kale, and shaved macadamia nuts (that looked exactly like parmesan!)
  • pumpkin tamale with incredible pureed salsa macha (made with peanuts) and mizuna greens
  • two moles, madre aged 3,039 days (!!!!), and mole nuevo

This is your spot for vegan fine dining in Mexico City!

Neighborhood: Polanco

Reservations: required in advance, books up months prior so snag a reservation as soon as you decide to visit CDMX!


Vegan sweet potato tostada on blue tortilla at Contramar in Mexico City.
sweet potato tostada at Contramar

Contramar is a seafood lovers dream. One of my travel buddies, Allegra, quickly declared that their al pastor fish tacos were the best tacos she has ever had, in fact. Prior to our visit, I was a bit skeptical about getting a vegan meal (as the menu is practically all fish), though I was going with the flow for my three omnivore travel buddies.

But turns out that the few plant-based items that they do have — sweet potato tostada (my fav!), eggplant tostada, and the ah-mazing fresh chips and salsas/pickles — were out-of-this-world delicious. So much so (and so filling) that I never felt the need to order anything special.

The bustling atmosphere with rows of packed tables inside and along the perimeter of the sidewalk outside, filled with celebratory diners enjoying glorious food spreads and festive cocktails (this is where we discovered the Carajillo!)…well, its just a place you want to be.

Neighborhood: Roma Norte/Condesa border

Reservations: recommended (the wait looked quite long); best to book about a month out

Maximo: Eating Vegan in Mexico City

Gorgeous vegan tlayuda, or large tostada, with edible flowers and avocado crema at Maximo.
vegan tlayuda at Maximo

One of the most inspiring restaurants I have encountered, Maximo was a home run dining experience. With a new menu daily and an open kitchen full of engrossed chefs meticulously creating sheer masterpieces, the food was simply amazing.

While I was at first bummed not to see the whole rotisserie cauliflower on the menu that we had come for, I quickly forgot. To start, we shared some delicious items like the smoked beet salad and the pea and mint soup. And upon my inquiry, the server insisted that the chef would make a vegan creation or two just for me.

A few minutes later, out came the most gorgeous tlayuda (aka large tostada, or Oaxacan pizza) topped with bean spread, cactus, microgreens, avocado creama, and edible flowers. And it was just as delicious!

And then came a fresh, house-made fusilli pasta with simple red sauce that was just as dreamlike as similar dishes in Italy.

This place is a must-try for everyone!

Neighborhood: Roma Norte

Reservations: recommended; best to book a few weeks/month out

Tamales Madre

Reminiscent of the cool modern restaurant stalls in San Francisco’s Ferry Building, don’t miss Tamales Madre. Step down from the sidewalk into your seat and enter into tamale heaven. An assortment of dried corn varietals displayed in glass jars and whole husks serve as fitting decor.

Share the counter with the passionate chefs, clearly experts at their craft, as they proudly bring their tamale creations to life.

The menu has two standing vegan tamales (plus occasional specials), one with savory bean paste and tomato caldillo sauce, the other a mole. Both dynamite and worth ordering (you may need to share, they are filling!). And be sure to order the salsa macha, made with seeds and nuts, on the side.

Neighborhood: Juarez

Reservations: no; limited seating indoors plus a few tables outdoors; worth the wait if there is one


The lush open air dining space at Botanico is reason enough to go…but the hummus plate puts it over the top! Served warm with flatbread, this simple dish was incredible. Add in a beautiful green salad and spicy fries, and I was completely satisfied (no room for an entree!).

And while Botanico did not have a plant-based entree the night I went anyways (menu changes regularly), I did confirm that the chef is happy to amend/combine any dish to accommodate.

Botanico’s menu showcases flavors from around the world.

Neighborhood: Condesa

Reservations: recommended, aim for a month in advance


A mushroom restaurant…in Mexico City? YES.

Tencüi is a unique concept for any location, and the menu is certainly one of a kind. With dishes like cuitlacoche (or corn smut, a fungus considered a delicacy in Mexico) and mushroom escabeche (pickled veggies and mushrooms) over a mushroom pate, there is something new for everyone to discover.

The menu clearly labels what is vegan and vegetarian, making it one of the easiest dining experiences for herbivores eating at non-vegan restaurants in CDMX.

One criticism we did agree on is that some of the dishes with larger mushrooms could have been cooked differently to make those mushrooms more tender and easier to eat; still, overall, it was a lovely spot with unique, memorable food.

Neighborhood: Santa Maria la Ribera

Reservations: recommended (was easy enough to snag a table for lunch a week out)

Sofitel Hotel’s Balta & Cityzen

Vegan chilaquiles at Balta in Mexico City's Sofitel Hotel.
vegan chilaquiles at Balta

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Sofitel Reforma, an upscale (though still relatively affordable), modern hotel centrally located on Reforma. The hotel offers plant-based choices at every meal. For breakfast at Balta, the vegan chilaquiles with mushrooms, cactus, and cashew cream were the perfect hearty base for a busy day. Lunch and dinner options at Balta include eggplant tamarind tacos, falafel with broad beans, and organic vegetable huarache.

In addition, the trendy Rooftop Cityzen Kitchen & Bar at the top of the Sofitel also offers lunch/dinner vegan options like the meatless beef croquette and Milanaise without chicken.

Neighborhood: Reforma


  • Balta- available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; didn’t seem necessary for breakfast
  • Cityzen- only available for weekend breakfast; first come first serve for afternoon/evening (and it is busy!)


Cute, modern Ciena is a top Condesa spot for breakfast/brunch, lunch, or a casual dinner. The Mediterranean-inspired menu has something for everyone, including plant-based patrons.

Menu highlights include the fennel and grapefruit salad, roasted veggie/quinoa/lentil bowl, and babaganush.

Breakfast choices include avocado toast with hummus and mushrooms, and oatmeal with almond cream, cocoa nibs, and fruit.

Neighborhood: Condesa

Reservations: recommended, especially for lunch

Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria: Eating Vegan in Mexico City

Vegan street food stall Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria, with a line up of toppings.

For legit vegan Mexican street food, DO NOT MISS Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria. Featuring a wide array of vegan tacos and vegan tortas (check out my reel!) and a ton of tasty toppings for them, this bumpin’ street stall appears to have a line at all times…and quite possibly a cult following.

It was one of the only vegan restaurants we hit up on our trip, and I was SO impressed (as was my flexitarian husband😉).

Neighborhood: Roma Norte

Reservations: no

Vegetal Vegan Carneceria

Two plates filled with an assortment of vegan tacos at Vegetal.

Another great spot for vegan Mexican food, Vegetal is on the same block as Por Siempre (above). We discovered this spot when we realized that Por Siempre wasn’t opening for a few hours, so we shared an assortment of 6 tacos (recommended by our server) for lunch #1. All were impressive, especially the chorizo rojo and the pastor de trigo (wheat gluten) and tofu.

Neighborhood: Roma Norte

Reservations: no

So if you were wondering if Mexico City is vegan friendly…I think you have your answer! Literally ever place we went to had delicious options!

I hope this list is helpful in planning your visit to CDMX! Please, share your experience with me by commenting below.

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